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Benefits of Being an American Home Shield Contractor :
Access to Unsolicited Business
  There is no marketing expense to you to acquire the service calls we dispatch to our contractors. Whether we send you one or 5,000 calls, you don't spend any advertising money for the business we send you.
Volume of Business
  We offer you service calls in your area and performance. AHS is a customer that can potentially call you hundreds, if not thousands, of times a year to provide service depending on your service location. We bring a tremendous potential for further volume of business to you.
New Customers
  Every call that we send you is an opportunity for you to acquire a new customer to service in the future, whether the customer renews with us or not. Not only do we send you service work with no advertising expense, we put you face to face with a potential new customer. This is an opportunity for you to sell them on your service on non-covered items.
Referrals to Additional Business
  Referrals to additional business are the result of a job well done. We help you acquire additional retail work through our Quality Service Network, consisting of other ServiceMaster companies and through providing non-covered referral business.
AHS Certified Technician Training Program
Potential to Become a Member of the AHS Preferred Contractors Network
Additional Benefits of Serving with AHS :
1.  American Home Shield is a financially solid company. We offer 30 or 15 day payables.
2.  A dissatisfied retail customer may not call your company for service again, however a warranty customer will contact AHS for a follow-up call for repair. This may require a second visit from your company and an opportunity to satisy the customer.
3.  Customer Recovery: AHS gives you the ability to recover a dissatisfied retail customer. A dissatisfied customer will not call your company for service again, but a warranty customer has a contract for one year, and may require a second visit from your company. This allows us the opportunity to provide service more than once. This may give you the opportunity to show the customer the true service your company can provide.
4.  Cash Flow: we can help provide service calls year round. This helps keep your technicians busy even in the off season.
5.  Networking with other Contractors: we can bring the experience and ideas of our thousands of vendors to you through the many opportunities we provide for networking.
6.  Information: we provide you with reports detailing your financial account with AHS. We also give you feedback through customer surveys. In addition, we provide you with detailed information about the work your technicians perform and how our customers see your service at no cost to you.
7.  Volume Buying Programs: through our network of service providers, we can offer volume pricing on the parts and equipment you use. We have supplier programs offering volume pricing on everything from employee shirts to garbage disposals.
Partners in Service
A History of Service
American Home Shield is the nation's oldest and largest home warranty company. In fact, American Home Shield developed the concept of the home warranty in 1971. In 1989, ServiceMaster, the largest home service company in the world, acquired American Home Shield to complement its other home services. The ServiceMaster Quality Service Network includes such respected names as ServiceMaster residential and commercial services, Terminix termite and pest control, TruGreen-Chemlawn tree and lawn care service, and Merry Maids maid service. All of these companies are the leading providers in their respective service industries.
Great Service for Our Customers
Our home service contracts provide for the covered repair or replacement of a home's major systems, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, pool and spa, and built-in kitchen appliances which breaks down due to normal wear and tear.
When our customers request service, they simply call a toll-free telephone number and contact our service center. The service call is then dispatched to a qualified service contractor who is a member of our service network. If the covered system or appliance can't be repaired, AHS will have it replaced where the contract provides for replacement. The customer normally pays a $35-$50 trade service call fee and additional charges may apply.
Joining Our Service Professionals
You have the opportunity to join our national service network and help American Home Shield provide quality service to our contract holders. At American Home Shield, we reward quality work, cost effectiveness, professionalism, and responsiveness to our customers' needs. Your performance in the field will help ultimately determine how much work you receive from American Home Shield.
More Info/How to Serve With Us
If you would like to join our respected network, please complete a Service Provider Application form for more information.